Code of Harmony Trial Pack

Code of Harmony Trial Pack


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Code of Harmony Mini Packs are great for traveling or simply trying out new products before you commit to a larger size. Enjoy glowing, firm, bright, happy and healthy skin! These sets come with a 10% off code for your next purchase.

  • Glow Pack: 4.5ml each of Radical-C, Glo-Berry Facial Oil, the Oil Cleanser, and Alchemy Body Oil.
  • Youth Serums Pack: 4.5ml each of the Virgin Skin, Salvation Facial Oil, 40 Winks Eye Serum, and the Oil Cleanser.
  • Gorgeous Pack: 4.5ml of every product we make- Radical-C, Glo-Berry, Virgin Skin, Salvation Oil, 40 Winks, Oil Cleanser, and Alchemy body oil. One per customer please:)

Full sized products are sold separately under individual product listing.

*4.5ml of the serums is approximately 14 applications. 4.5ml of the Alchemy body oil will last 2-4 full body applications and 4.5ml of the Oil Cleanser will last approximately 4-6 washes.