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Balance facial serum - 1 oz


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As counterintuitive as it sounds, plant based oils can be your skin’s savior if you suffer from breakouts and acne. Welcome a clear, healed complexion with organic balance serum. This serum is designed to reduce acne and encourage healing with unrefined organic oils such as grapeseed, rosehip seed & evening primrose. They naturally contain compounds that work to diminish breakouts, regenerate skin cells and regulate oil production, on top of their powerful anti-wrinkle benefits. Lavender and chamomile infused herbal oils offer anti-bacterial and skin soothing benefits to keep your skin clear and improve acne scarring, while yarrow delivers just-enough astringency to help shrink pores and keep blemish producing bacteria at bay. This dry, light serum will be your beauty bag must-have for clear, healthy skin.

Ingredients: grapeseed oil*, rosehip seed oil^, evening primrose oil*, yarrow infused jojoba oil*, lavender infused sweet almond oil*, chamomile infused safflower oil*, elderberry antioxidant, non-gmo vitamin e, essential oils of lavender*, clary sage*, neroli*, yarrow*, jasmine* 

*certified organic / ^wild-crafted

How to use: Use daily, morning and night. Apply 3-6 drops to the palms of hands and massage onto clean, damp skin.