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SAOR’s original fragrance a hAon, Gaelic for number one, transports you through the fresh, enchanting, Irish mist blanketing the Irish hillsides. Each bottle of a hAon pure perfume oil infuses fragrant bergamot, refreshing white tea and alluring, airy musk to create a delicate perfume that calms and captivates. 

Directions: Roll SAOR perfume oils on your neck or décolleté area and bump open with your wrists: “a dab will do ya” as SAOR perfume oils contain no alcohol, no water. Bumping open (versus rubbing which breaks perfume molecules) will release all the beautiful layers of SAOR perfume. Caution: Do not use if allergic or sensitive to any of the listed ingredients. Avoid contact with the eyes. Keep your pure perfume oils out of intense heat, direct sunlight. 


Head - Prized Bergamot

SAOR’s a hAon’shead note fragrance is revered bergamot, a key ingredient in perfumes since the 18th century court of Louis XV. Extracted from the orange fruit grown in the south of France and Italy, bergamot offers more than its classic, feminine fragrance with natural calming properties.

Heart - Refreshing White Tea

This soft, clean scent is reminiscent of the beloved Plumeria flower’s delicate fragrance, which has been venerated in perfumery since the 16th century. The complex qualities of white tea and slight fruit-like heart note combines to create the light, fresh essence of SAOR.

Base - Alluring Musk

Airy musk adds a subtle touch of sensuality and warmth as the base note in a hAon. This intricate, complex ingredient is one of the most precious raw materials in perfumery, valued for its ability to reduce evaporation rate, allowing SAOR’s scent to captivate from dawn to dusk.  

All SAOR perfume oils use the purest grade of jojoba oil as a carrier oil to best release our fragrances as well as insure an extended shelf life - approximately three year shelf life.

*SAOR perfume is free of alcohol and water.