a Dó Perfume


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Resonating with the alluring, mystical Irish landscape, SAOR’s a Dó infuses spicy neroli blossoms, sensuous cananga and the warmth of cedar and sandalwood: a fragrance that “wraps you up” in passion. A warm sensuous scent, a Dó is truly a scent for Dó (two): a captivating unisex scent.

Directions: Roll SAOR perfume oils on your neck or décolleté areaand bump open with your wrists: “a dab will do ya” as SAOR perfume oils contain no alcohol, no water. Bumping open (versus rubbing which breaks perfume molecules) will release all the beautiful layers of SAOR perfume. Caution: Do not use if allergic or sensitive to any of the listed ingredients. Avoid contact with the eyes. Keep your pure perfume oils out of intense heat, direct sunlight. 


Head - Neroli

SAOR’s a Dóhead note, neroli, is a warm, green, spicy note derived from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree. This top note blossoms with SAOR’s woodsy base notes.

Heart - Cananga

The passion within a Dócomes, obviously, from the “heart”.  The fragrance of cananga is derived from the cananga tree’s ylang-ylang flowers.Often used in aromatherapy and in oriental perfumes, the fragrance has been historically referenced as an aphrodisiac.

Base – Cedar and Sandalwood

Cedar –

Derived from the botanical family of conifers, the fragrance of cedar delivers the soothing, woodsy layer to a Dó.

Sandalwood -

SAOR created  a Dóto capture the warmth and passion of an embrace. SAOR’s a Dósandalwood base “wraps you up” in its woody-floral scent.


All SAOR perfume oils use the purest grade of jojoba oil as a carrier oil to best release our fragrances as well as insure an extended shelf life - approximately three year shelf life.


*SAOR perfume is free of alcohol and water.