How does Flora Marketplace work?

Flora Marketplace is a site where clean beauty vendors can sell their goods. Products ship directly from the makers, so an order with multiple sellers will result in multiple shipments. This allows sellers to retain more control over their products, as well as increase their profits to put back into the quality of their products and help grow their business.

What if I need to return a product? 

Returns are handled by each individual seller at their discretion. Please visit the seller brand page to read their policy and find contact information.

Who do I contact if I am missing a package?

Please contact the carrier to see if they are able to track it. If the package is lost, please contact the seller for instructions on how to proceed.

How do you handle shipping with all of these different sellers?

Items will be shipped directly from the seller, so if you have purchased items from more than one seller in one order, you will have multiple shipments for that order. Once an item is fulfilled, you will receive a separate email with the shipping information for that item or items. Each shipment will include a tracking number. 


Why is my shipping amount so high?


Our sellers all offer different shipping methods, which you can view on their brand page. Some offer free shipping, others a paid or a flat rate. Since you are receiving products directly from the sellers, your total shipping rate will be a combination of all the different shipments. This allows you to be able to conveniently place multiple orders on one site and receive the product directly from it's creator rather than a warehouse.

What are your requirements to sell on Flora?

All sellers are required to sign a contract that ensures that none of their products contain any of the ingredients listed below. Sellers are also required to disclose all ingredients on each product page so that you always know exactly what you are buying.

Synthetic Fragrances

Why do some brands have ingredients like phenoxyethanol? That doesn’t sound very clean.  

We understand that consumers have different levels of comfort and definitions for “clean” or “natural” beauty. For instance, many products that contain phenoxyethanol in minute amounts (less than 1%) are EWG certified, FDA approved and have been approved for use in other countries including the EU, Japan and Canada. Many consider those clean for themselves. Others may be looking for products with no preservatives, so they will want to avoid phenoxyethanol. Every product on the site has all of the ingredients listed so that you can make that decision for yourself. If you have any questions or concerns about an ingredient, please contact us or the seller for more information. If you're more into skincare products that have no preservatives and you can pronounce all of their ingredients, we suggest checking out  brands like bk apothecary, Blüh Alchemy, Klei Beauty, Luxe BotanicsPure Principles or SVATI Organics. If you like a little science in your product and don't mind a small amount of preservative or ingredients that have scary sounding names, but are actually just natural, plant based components, explore brands such a AveSeena, Norabloom Botanicals, Intelligent Elixirs or Yasou Skincare. Our mission is to promote and grow the clean indie beauty industry at all levels.

I’m interested in becoming a seller. What do I need to do?

Please contact us at hello@floramarketplace.com for more information.

What do you do with my personal information when I create an account?

We only use your information to conduct business transactions or for opt-in marketing. Sellers are not allowed to use your personal information for spam or unsolicited marketing.

Can I leave reviews for products?

Absolutely! Please remember though that skincare is very subjective, so if a product does not work for you, it may work great for someone else. Please include your skin type in your review, and avoid any negative comments or bashing of a product. Flora Marketplace has the right to remove any inappropriate reviews.

Do you offer a Beauty Box where I can try different products on the site?

Yes! We plan to offer curated Beauty Boxes in the near future. Stay tuned!