Liv + Grace Skincare

LIV+GRACE SKINCARE is a true labor of love. Napa Valley’s premier holistic esthetician Cindy O’Brien has spent many years behind the scenes creating the formulas for every product in the line. With a powerful mix of clinically proven and highly effective non-toxic ingredients blended with rich botanicals, LIV+GRACE SKINCARE proves that using clean ingredients doesn’t have to be a sacrifice.

What makes LIV+GRACE different?

Our unwavering commitment to creating products that are both good for your skin and for the eco-system. We believe in full transparency—no greenwashing here! We strictly use ingredients that are a blend of clean science and clinically proven actives in therapeutic dosages. LIV+GRACE products contain well-researched, non-toxic ingredients to trigger the body’s natural healing and protective processes.

What’s in each LIV+GRACE product?

Poke our tires and you’ll find a safe and potent mix of Mother Nature’s finest botanicals and safe science based actives to preserve, protect, and rejuvenate the most delicate and age prone areas of the face, neck and décolletage. We’ve worked with Made Safe, an extensive chemical data base and personally vetted the safety of ingredients from farming to finish to ensure we "Keep it Clean and Keep it Real!"

You shouldn’t have to guess what you’re putting on your skin or if you are creating a science experiment on your face. LIV+ GRACE doesn’t use any smoke and mirrors—just effective and clean products that can easily be integrated into any skincare regimen.

We want to help you "Clean Your Beauty Routine" by adding cleaner, greener vetted products to your daily regimen. By removing the old "dirty" lotions and potions, we help you reduce your toxic chemical load. This is important to long term wellness. Remember, we ingest (eat) 60-70% of those topicals within a minute, which quickly goes right into the blood stream and circulates throughout the body.  If you care what you eat, you should care what you use topically.  LIV+GRACE makes it easy for you to relax and enjoy your personal beauty ritual.

Cindy O’Brien’s passion for good skincare started many years ago when she was a young girl thumbing through the pages of glossy fashion magazines (remember those?). She anxiously wanted her skin to look like the dewy, flawless complexions she saw staring back at her. Cindy went on to become a teen model herself, and while her wildest dreams were coming true, her skin was not cooperating. During photo shoots and fashion shows, she often felt like hiding thanks to the frequent breakouts that kept appearing seemingly out of nowhere. She knew that healing her acne was the only way to truly improve her skin—and her self-esteem. Years of failed doctors visits and home remedies left her frustrated. This was Cindy’s aha moment and when she knew her career had to be helping others feel beautiful inside and out.

After graduating from Ohio State University majoring in fashion merchandising, Cindy detoured into healthcare to pursue her vision of helping others. Although she loved the study of life sciences, she missed the fast-paced world of fashion and pivoted back to a career in style and beauty. She spent the next decade working in Hollywood and San Francisco as a makeup artist and stylist, helping celebrities, models and real people look their best on camera and off.

When Cindy became a mom to two little girls, she left Hollywood in search of a slower pace and healthier lifestyle for her family, and settled in Napa, California. She went back to school to return to her roots of uplifting women and girls but this time through skincare. She became a holistic aesthetician, which gave her the chance to take her expertise of health and wellness to the next level. Cindy opened her own private holistic aesthetics practice in Napa and has earned a cult following of skincare savvy clients from around the world who have been entrusting her with their complexions for over 11 years.

The idea of producing a highly effective and non-toxic skin care line has always been in the back of her mind. After many years of research and beta testing on real people, she tapped into her knowledge of health and beauty to create Liv + Grace Skincare. Frustrated by a largely unregulated skincare industry, Cindy knew it was her mission to create transparent skincare products crafted with clean science and non-toxic, yet clinically effective ingredients. Simply put, Powerful. Ultra Clean. Holistic. Skincare Collection.

LIV+GRACE SKINCARE is the culmination of Cindy’s lifelong devotion to healthy living (she’s been a yogi for over 20 years!) and her love letter to her daughters, Liv (Olivia) and Grace.  After all, it's all about living in grace!

Social Mission and Charity 

LIV + GRACE SKINCARE is an eco and equality conscious company committed to the health and wellness of our environment and the equality of all people, no matter what race, religion, sexual orientation or gender.

We have chosen to donate a percentage of annual proceeds to  The Honey Bee Conservancy and Kiva.   Both are nonprofits dear to our mission of protecting people and our planet.  The Honey Bee Conservancy works to help the bees, while increasing access to organic, sustainable food in under-served communities. Food we eat depends entirely on bees – and they are dying out with 50% of the U.S. population gone in just the last 10 years.  

Kiva helps underserved people around the world start and sustain their own businesses with microloans of up to $10,000 from Kiva and their donors.

Find out more about what we are passionate about and join us in supporting these two worthy causes.