Kiss Me Honey


Over the years, I have tried countless lip balms. I kept buying one after another finding likes and dislikes in each one. Then I decided to research the ingredients in lip balm products. I was surprised to find out that many lip balms are made with harmful chemicals and other ingredients that people should not be putting on their lips! Some of these ingredients do the reverse and dry lips instead of keeping them soft.

So I decided to make my own lip balm which can also be used as a lip primer. I started melting away and found a wonderful organic formulation that was safe for adults and children. Thus Kiss Me Honey evolved!

Our Mission: My vision and goal is to create a lip balm made from only natural ingredients. I want a lip balm that hydrates, softens and stays on your lips. I also want a product that is free of parabens, chemical, preservatives and petroleum. Finally, I want everyone to feel safe using this lip balm on themselves or on their children.


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