Indie Goat

Our founder Heather, a long time problematic skin sufferer, was tired of trying new, promising treatments repeatedly with the same disappointing results. Frustrated, she took matters into her own hands and started formulating naturally effective skincare for women just like her. She and Amanda continue to grow the Indie Goat brand with one goal in mind: delivering naturally effective results to help women achieve the skin confidence they deserve. We invite you to experience the Indie Goat difference.



Before Indie Goat was created, I was tired of struggling with my complexion and not having confidence in my appearance.  I would cover up my blemishes and red skin with makeup as this hid the flaws of my skin.  This fueled my desire and commitment to formulate and create skin care products that were naturally effective in nourishing your skin.
My desire and passions are to change the beauty industry by making an impact and help other women to find that skin confidence that I was seeking. The answer I had longed for, was right on my farm, goat milk + natural oils.   I started building skin care recipes with plant-derived ingredients, raw goat milk and luxury oils that worked with your skin. What could be any better than this combo?  It took me 2 years to get Indie Goat’s superior formula for our soap and skin care, but it was a goal worth accomplishing.  
A skin care routine built with nourishing and moisturizing properties from nature can help properly cleanse and hydrate your skin.  Amanda and I’s ideals align to bring our brand strategy to life and help spread the word that effective, natural, plant-derived skin care can be done toxin free.   As our brand grows, so does that impact that we are making. 
I look forward to growing Indie Goat with you and having our fabulous skin care adore your shower shelves and vanities!



Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, I always knew I wanted to build something that I truly believed in.  It’s a quiet fire that burns inside of you, just waiting for the right inspiration.  When a friend introduced me to Heather and Indie Goat, I was inspired.  Heather’s passion and commitment to creating healthy skincare is contagious and present in every fiber of her being.  It’s just who she is.
I was a novice in the arena of natural skincare, and the more I learned, the more I couldn’t believe what I was exposing my body too.  With 2 little girls at home, I was becoming increasingly aware of what their tiny bodies consumed, as well as what they absorbed through their skin.  And I wanted to make sure they had every opportunity to make healthy choices.

It was so easy to make the switch to natural skincare and healthy skin!  I wish I had made it sooner. That’s when the quiet fire burning inside of me fully ignited.  I realized that maybe I’m not alone.  Perhaps there are others out there just like me, leading busy lives, trying to be healthier for themselves and for their families, but a little overwhelmed with where to start.  Maybe I could help.
What we have the opportunity to formulate at Indie Goat is amazing.  When you feel confident that your skin is a true reflection of your inner beauty, you are unstoppable.  As head of Brand Strategy, I have the privilege and responsibility to help that happen by spreading the word.  It’s an extraordinary feeling to hear how something you created changed someone’s life.   I feel blessed every day that I get to build a brand that I truly believe in.

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