Ametrine Organics

O5 Organic Face Cream


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Ametrine Organics Face Cream helps improve the appearance of the skin leaving it clear and glowing. It contains natural therapeutic ingredients that are known for their calming and healing properties. The beneficial oils make this herbal cream light in texture, leaving the skin smooth and silky.

Burdock Root is boosted with Vitamins A and C. It also contains the Vitamin B complex, which contains riboflavin to fight free radical damage to the cells and pantothenic acid to offer an anti-aging boost to the skin. Burdock root extract packs skin advantages, including the ability to treat acne due to its antibacterial nature.

Sage Leaf can help with skin regeneration and is rich in vitamin A and calcium. Sage has antioxidants that combat free radicals known to cause wrinkles, fine lines, and aging. 

Bergamot oil is a natural cleanser and helps unclog pores.

Suitable for all skin types, colors and ages.

Made with 99% Certified Organic Ingredients.  


How to use:

Start with clean, exfoliated and toned skin, apply a small amount into your skin and thoroughly massage it in face and neck area. For dry skin, you may apply more to help saturate skin. Use AM and PM.


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Purified Water, Organic Beeswax, Organic Grape Seed Oil, Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Organic Geranium Rose Essential Oil, Organic Bergamot Essential Oil, Potassium Carbonate (Natural Earth Mineral)*, Organic Bilberry Leaf Herb, Organic Burdock Root C/S, Organic Sage Leaf Herb. *Not present in final product, dissipates during manufacture. 

Packed in Miron glass, reuse or recycle.