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Holistic Hemp Company proudly provides the finest American-grown and produced hemp oil products, that are rich in phytocannabinoids. We source our industrial hemp oil directly from American farms, where it is carefully grown without the use of harmful pesticides. Our products are made of oil derived from a high quality hemp, which is cultivated specifically for cannabidiol density. This makes our products more phytocannabinoid-rich, and stronger than others on the market.

To ensure our product’s accuracy, and encourage our customers’ confidence, we test our full-spectrum, phytocannabinoid-rich oil at a third-party lab. Some of our competitors test their products in-house, which can lead to inflated phytocannabinoid counts, and mislead customers. We want to build relationships with our customers, and we feel like this is an important part of maintaining transparency and honesty in our relationships.



Holistic Hemp Co. LLC was born from the culmination of market opportunity and the belief in the benefits hemp products. When the 2014 Farm Bill passed under President Obama, sisters Amber and Alaina Lansing decided that it was time to make a positive impact on the hemp market. After years of professional work in traditional industries, Amber and Alaina founded Holistic Hemp Hompany LLC in early 2016.



Alaina’s background in education and real estate helped prepare her for launching her own business, but she was further inspired by criminal justice reform to launch Holistic Hemp Company. She hopes Holistic Hemp Co. will help people reconsider some of the common stereotypes associated with those that use Hemp-based products, and that lawmakers will work to weaken the legal penalties given to non-violent criminals in jail for cannabis-related charges. A Texas native and lover of nature, Alaina also understands the importance of agricultural hemp and it's use as a sustainable, multi-use resource. 

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, a Master’s degree in Economics and a Master's in Business Administration. Her work in Business and Economics helped her realize the opportunities in the Industrial Hemp industry.  Alaina is passionate about the quality and variety of Holistic Hemp Company’s products, and advocates for more transparency in the legal Hemp procurement process.


Before launching Holistic Hemp Company LLC, Amber was a Certified Public Accountant registered in the state of Texas. She always had an eye on the legal cannabis industry – which continues to flourish in each of the states with legal recreational marijuana – and knew that she wanted to involve herself in the young market. Having a passion for all things natural, organic and sustainable, Amber saw the unlimited potential of the hemp industry.

Amber holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management, and understood early on in her professional career that she wanted to run her own business.  When the 2014 Farm Bill passed, legalizing industrial Hemp to be produced in the United States once again, she acted on the opportunity and began laying the framework for Holistic Hemp Company. Although her formal training is in business, Amber has always been an artist at heart. She hopes to bring a more professional and creative approach to this ever-changing industry. 


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