Duet Beauty

Hi! Welcome to Duet Beauty!

We make makeup, simple. Inspirited by our own daily crazy routines, we wanted to have it all. And that includes looking fresh-faced and pretending we had enough sleep. Tired of your 30 minute beauty routine dragging you down? We hear you, and we're here to change that. 


Making makeup easy

Duet Beauty's premier product is our Multitasking Color Sticks. Created to give you your time back. Mix and match our colors to create your unique look. Have five minutes? We've got a makeup routine for that.  

Let's get naked

Chemicals dragging you down? No worries here. All our products are uniquely made with natural and organic ingredients. Paraben and preservative free. 

Who we are

No, we're not the Illuminati. We're just like you. Busy. The world was rushing by a million miles an hour and we didn't want to miss a thing. But we didn't want to sacrifice our makeup look for it either. So we hatched a plan to create a multi purpose beauty line that takes the time out of your beauty routine, so you can have all the time in the world. 

Made for women, sisters, friends, students, working moms, stay home moms, boss ladies, late night solopreneur, interns, double shifters, working-students, night students, and busy side-hustlers. Made for real life. 

Made for you.