A magical blend of organic essences creates the perfect utopian world of “good-for-you-grooming”, that refuses to sacrifice the desire for lux, glam beauty.

Celebrating over a decade of "Happy Brows and Glowy Skin”, Browboo® organic brow products were developed by beloved aesthetician, Brooke Sanzari (aka “The browpixie®”), owner of Browtopia®, with locations in Fort Myers, FL and now Columbia, SC.

Full and beautiful brows are always in fashion, along with trends for glitter, sparkle and shine. The Browtopia® brow bar and its products has you covered. From your basic brow routine, to regrowth regiments, to Beauty and the Brow®, a special edition soothing and nurturing eyebrow gel, featuring "golden ingredients." Browtopia® offers the pinnacle of luxury for the brow. IBENY2017's ONLY Organic, Luxury Eyebrow Cosmetic Line.

New to the Browtopia® shop is Beauty and the Brow®. This glowing addition takes the tried and true Browboo® (Sanzari's own creation - the world's first organic brow gel) formula, and pairs it with the most fab ingredients to make brows sparkle and shine.

It's the same brow control, but with a few very special ingredients. Beauty and the Brow® features champagne, black truffle, and gold extracts, "golden faery" bamboo, and imported genuine 24K cosmetic gold powder for shimmer.

Sparse or thinning brows? Many women suffer from this condition mainly due to overtweezing/waxing, hormones, stress and vitamin deficiency. Remember beauty comes from within!


Here’s a few tips from the Browpixie, herself to help maintain your brows health and happiness!

1. STOP THE PLUCKING! You ARE NOT a chicken! Your follicles are traumatized! Let them know it's safe to come back out by showing some mercy and putting the tweezers away! Normal hair re-growth for brows is 6-8 weeks if you want them to fill in properly. This time can vary depending on your health, age, burns and other skin and follicle traumas.

2. Up your vitamin intake, particularly vitamins D, C and E, as well as a silicasupplement. Personally, I prefer Biosil.

3. Give those brow follicles some extra love before bedtime with a light massage, going with the hairs of the eyebrow, not against as this can cause blocked pores. *Don’t forget to clean your face, hands, and brow brush! Bacteria is the evil-doer in this scenario.*

4. You brush your hair, right? Lightly brush your brows too. With each stroke you are increasing circulation and spreading your own natural oils, factoring into their overall health and integrity.

5. Always include a little browpixie dust in your daily beauty regimen with Browboo balm and gel by Browtopia - The ultimate products in luxury organic care for your eyebrows! Available in fine spas, salons, boutiques, and of course, online at! 


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