Norabloom Botanicals

Rose Geranium Mist


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This toner is a great second step to any beauty ritual, adding balance and extra moisture to dry delicate skin. We also love a spritz to set our makeup or throughout the day to refresh and revive our skin. This formula contains a unique combination of rose and geranium extracts to balance the skin, helichrysum extract to repair, and roman chamomile essential oil to soothe and reduce inflammation. 

Directions: Shake before use, then gently mist the face to refresh and tone. If irritation occurs, stop use immediately. Infused with a Rose Quartz crystal to bring love, nourishment and comfort to your soul and skin. 


*Rose Hydrosol (Rosa damascenaa), *Rose Geranium Hydrosol (Pelargonium spp.), *Helichrysum Hydrosol (Helichrysum italicum), *Witch Hazel Extract (Hamamelis virginiana), and *Roman Chamomile Essential Oil (Anthemis nobilis). Contains Rose Quartz Gemstone. *Signifies Certified Organic Ingredient 

Net Wt. 2 fl. oz (60ml)