SaltyGirl Lip Gloss Hero

SaltyGirl Lip Gloss Hero

Congratulations to our nominee, Michelle, who was selected as one of 6 amazing women to be honored by SaltyGirl Beauty by having one of their new lip glosses named after them.




 Michelle May, a childhood cancer survivor, is the founder of Compass to Care, an organization that helps families with children that have cancer cover the huge and unexpected expense of getting to and from treatment, taking just one of the many burdens away that these families face. To date, Michelle has helped 400 families and counting, travel over 1.5 million miles, taking over 10,000 trips!

We'd like to honor her by donating proceeds from the sale of SaltyGirl Lip Glosses to Compass to Care. Check out her new shade, the "Michelle", and the others by clicking the link below.

Salty Girl Lip Glosses

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